Humic Coated (Black) Urea Fertiliser is a granular Urea fertiliser coated with biologically active Humic Acids.

These Humic Acids help to increase soil microbial activity aiding in the retention of Nitrogen in the profile and increasing Nitrogen efficiency.

Humic Coated Urea

SKU: 100-00030
  • The Humic coating allows a high analysis of Nitrogen to be used while reducing burn risk and lessening the likely hood of environmental nitrogen loss through of volatilisation and leaching of nitrogen through the soil profile.


    The Nitrogen is made available in a more stable and generally longer lasting manner, avoiding the “boom bust”release cycle usually associated with Urea.


    The ongoing use of Humic Acid helps to improve soil structure, decreasing compaction, promotes root growth and the retention and absorption of nutrients.


    100% water soluble for Liquid spray application.

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