GREEN SOLUTIONS Gypsum is a dust free granular soil conditioner.

Gypsum is used to improve soil structure and to correct soil calcium and sulphur deficiencies by adding Ca and S as soil nutrients.

Gypsum soil conditioner

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  • Gypsum can be used to increase the pH of acidic soils or reduce the pH of sodic soils. Gypsum can help increase broader nutrient availability, balance calcium and magnesium ratios and favorincreased soil microbial activity helping to break down excess organic matter.


    The addition of gypsum can help displace sodium and aluminium in the soil profile creating a healthier root zone.


    Gypsum helps flocculate soil particles allowing for improved infiltration of water and nutrients in to the soil profile. This is particularly useful on “heavy”or clay soil profiles that are compacted or hold water, reducing nutrient run off and erosion.



    Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Prevent direct sunlight.

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